Kpop Comebacks & Debuts In December 2020

Here are some of the K-Pop groups that are either debuting or making their comebacks in December, 2020. Make sure to give them your love and support! 

December 1 BoA (Better), Vanner (()) & Oneus (뿌셔(Bbusyeo))

                   2 NiziU (Step & A Step, JP), Standing Egg (Reminiscence)

                   3 Highlight Yoseob (Romance 101 OST), UNVS (The Prologue)

                   4 Katie (Our Time Is Blue)

                   6 API (Hello World)

                   7 IZ*ONE (One-reeler) & The Boyz (Christmassy)

                   9 SF9 (Golden Echo, JP), 2PM Jun. K (20 mins)

                 10 Baek Yerin (tellusaboutyourself), Chungha (X), Ghost9 (Pre Episode 2: W.ALL)

                 11 ONEWE (Memory: illusion)


*The ones marked in ‘Red’ indicate ‘Debuts’ while JP = Japanese Albums/Singles


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