12 Remarkable Performances On JTBC's 'Sugar Man'

Sugar Man, is a famous Korean TV show based on the Swedish-British documentary, Searching For Sugar Man. It focuses on recreating the songs by a ‘Sugar Man’ who is a singer that was famous at a time, but forgotten now. K-Pop singers compete each other in two teams under the MCs Yoo Jae Suk & You Hee Yeol.



Exo’s Chen & Chanyeol poured their heart out with beautiful harmonies and vocals in their rendition of Do Won Kyung’s ‘If I Love Again’. Check it out here if you haven’t already!


For the special episode called Sleeper Hits, Gfriend managed to mesmerize everyone with their bright, charming and powerful performance of ‘Cocktail Love’ by Marronnier.


Throughout the seasons, Mamamoo has appeared three times and have been successful in winning each time bringing the same amount of energy on stage.


Red Velvet went head to head with Astro, ultimately going for the win with their outstanding rendition of Se Se Se’s ‘I’m Leaving’. Check out Astro’s amazing performance as well, here!


Ailee is famous for always delivering vocals, full of power and emotions, and she proved that fact here, yet again with her performance of Jung Il Young’s ‘Prayer’.


Although Winner couldn’t win with their rendition of Butterfly Effect’s ‘First Love’, they definitely won the hearts of many people in the audience! You can also check out their earlier performance on the show here!


Lovelyz Kei alongside Golden Child’s Jangjun & Tag collaborated to perform their version of Zaza’s ‘In The Bus’. Check it out below!


Lee Hi & Lee Suhyun (AKMU) from Heeyeol’s team combined their heartwarming vocals in their performance of Solid’s ‘Soul Mates’.


Monsta X paid homage to late Kim Sung Jae with their performance of ‘As I Told You’ on Sugar Man 2, competing beside B1A4 and ultimately taking the win.


Competing beside Heize & Colde, Pentagon showcased their skills through their performance of Taesaja’s popular song, ‘The Way’!


On the ‘Back In The Days’ special episode of Sugarman 3, Kim Feel took the win with his heartwarming rendition of Kim Jung Min’s ‘Sad Promise’. Check it out below!


Through their rendition of Joy D’s hit song ‘9 to 5’, SF9 managed to leave the crowd stunned with their vocals, dancing skills and rap parts.

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