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Many K-Pop Artists release special Japanese tracks, versions and albums because of the evergrowing love and fanbase in Japan. Many of them may not even get equal attention as compared to the Korean versions, but are noteworthy for sure. Here's a compilation of 17 such original Japanese tracks!

EXO (Cosmic Railway)

Exo as well as its sub-unit Exo CBX have a large number of really great songs in Japanese you must listen to. Here is one of them!


Being extremely famous in Japan, Twice has regularly released Japanese songs till now, such as BDZ, Fake & True, Fanfare and more!

BOA (White Wishes)

Without a doubt, Boa is recognised as one of the most successful artists, both in Japan as well as Korea, having several hit Japanese tracks, while also having sung for some of the most popular anime theme songs as well.

BTS (Stay Gold)

Listen to BTS' latest Japanese single Stay Gold if you haven’t yet, released as a part of their fourth Japanese studio album, Map Of The Soul: 7- The Journey.


While Shinee’s songs like From Now On, Picasso and more are absolute fan favourites, Taemin has also paved his own way as a solo artist with many hit Japanese tracks.

TVXQ (Why Did I Fall In Love With You)

TVXQ has a large number of Japanese hit tracks, considering their popularity in the country even after all these years, also having sung for many theme songs of Japanese anime.

DREAMCATCHER (Breaking out)

Dreamcatcher’s Breaking out from their first Japanese Album, The Beginning of the End became an instant hit among the fans upon its release, continuing with their rock and pop concept.

2PM (Hanareteitemo)

2PM’s Japanese versions are as famous as their original ones. But besides this, their Japanese hits such as Beautiful, Hanareteitemo and more, still remain some of the most loved songs by the fans.

GFRIEND (Fallin' Light)

Gfriend released Fallin’ Light along with some other songs as part of their first full length Japanese album in 2019. Check it out below!

SEVENTEEN (Fallin' Flower)

Maiochiruhanabira or Fallin’ Flower is the second Japanese single released by Seventeen, also serving as the title track.


Popular hits like Paparazzi, All My Love Is For You and more are still some of the major fan favourites when it comes to Girls' Generation’s songs!

GOT7 (So Lucky)

GOT7 has released many Japanese hits till now such as So Lucky, My Swagger, Turn up, I Won’t Let You Go and more!

DAY6 (Stop The Rain)

Day6’s Japanese album ‘Unlock’ features 10 tracks, all of which are worth listening. Listen to 'Stop The Rain' below!

MONSTA X (Wish On The Same Sky)

Besides the famous tracks like Livin’ It Up & Spotlight, Monsta X’s Wish On The Same Sky is a really great song you need to listen to.

IZ*ONE (Suki To Iwasetai)

IZ*ONE’s Suki To Iwasetai is one of their most famous Japanese songs. Make sure to check it out below!

ASTRO (Hanasakemirai)

Astro’s official debut in Japan with their mini album Venus, helped them in increasing their fanbase in Japan as well. Listen to Hanasakemirai if you haven’t yet!

BTOB (Brand New Days)

BTOB has many underrated Japanese tracks, even though they deserve equal love and attention. Listen to 'Brand New Days' below!

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