7 Spanish Covers By Kpop Artists

Exo Spanish Cover

K-Pop Idols have proved their versatility in several ways from time to time and are able to sing and connect with the audience in any language with the same amount of emotions and fluency. Here is a compilation of 7 covers in Spanish by K-Pop Artists!

EXO-K’s SABOR A MI (Luis Miguel)

When it comes to some of the best Spanish Covers by Kpop Idols, Sabor A Mi by Exo definitely deserves a spot and you will agree to this after listening to it whether or not you know the language. Get ready to be mesmerised by their accurate pronunciation and perfect vocals!

AILEE’s DONDE VOY (Tish Hinojosa)

Ailee never stops to amaze us with her powerful vocals and emotions, and this can be clearly heard in her cover of famous ballad Donde Voy. She successfully delivered the songs with the exact same message and emotions as the original.

SHINEE TAEMIN’s DESPACITO ( Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber)

Shinee’s Taemin performed Justin Bieber’s version of Despacito originally by 'Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee', singing both the English as well as Spanish verses while delivering the song in his own unique style.

ASTRO’s LA BAMBA (Los Lobos)

Astro’s rendition of La Bamba is a very fun cover, filled with the members’ own charms, choreography and specially penned Korean raps which will definitely get you dancing! Check it out below!

KARD’s MI GENTE (J Balvin, Willy William, Beyonce)

KARD is famously known for having many songs with Caribbean rhythms and as a special performance for fans while on tour, they decided to cover J Balvin, Willy William & Beyonce’s Mi Gente with all the raps and verses while adding their own choreography.


During a special performance for Music Bank Mexico, Highligt’s Yoseob, Infinite’s Sungkyu and B.A.P’s Youngjae came together to beautifully sing Corre and moved the audience to tears with their heart warming rendition.


Lunafly have covered many songs both in English as well as Spanish before, each time delivering their best vocals as if the songs were their own. Their rendition of Creo En Ti by Reik is as beautiful as it can get!



This is not exactly a cover in Spanish but Jonghyun’s flawless rendition of Alejandro Sanz’s Y Si Fuera Ella in Korean will leave you speechless with the amount and intensity of emotion you can hear and feel through his voice.

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