7 Musical Dramas With Kpop Idols In It

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Musical Dramas is a genre where the story is either about music or is related to it, which may be centered around a particular type or the industry itself. Here is a compilation of 7 such Musical K-Dramas with K-Pop idols in it!

TOP MANAGEMENT (Astro's Eun Woo)

This web drama tells the story of a new manager at an entertainment company who uses her ability of seeing the future to succeed in her work.


Starring IU alongside Jo Jung Suk, Soon Shin and her family struggle with the sudden death of their father before eventually understanding the meaning of love, success and happiness.

MY LOVELY GIRL (Krystal, Rain, L)

Starring Krystal, Rain & L, this drama tells the story of a successful musician Hyun Wook, who left the industry after losing his girlfriend in an accident but then heals through music after meeting her sister.

DREAM HIGH (Suzy, IU, Taecyeon)

Dream High follows the lives of six students at Kirin High School working towards their dream of becoming K-Pop Idols, starring Kim Soo Hyun, Suzy, IU, 2PM’s Taecyeon and more! The second installation of this series with different characters follows the story where the art school is taken over by an entertainment agency and students of both sides compete each other.

LIAR AND HIS LOVER (Red Velvet's Joy)

Based on famous Japanese Manga, Kanojo Wa Uso Wo Ai Shisugiteiru, the story is centered around a heartbroken genius composer (Han Gyul) who hides his identity upon meeting a talented singer and student, Yoon So Rim (Joy). So Rim begins to uncover his lies once she starts her music career.

TROT LOVERS (Apink's Eunji)

Also known as Lovers of Music, the drama tells the story of a girl who loves the traditional music genre of Trot and wants to become a successful singer, but needs the help of a musician to do so, who absolutely hates it.


This drama, starring IU alongside Kim Soo Hyun mainly revolves around the work life of people working backstage in a broadcasting industry.

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