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Besides the usual genres of Comedy, Action, Romace or Fantasy, there are many great School dramas through which you may either relate to the lives of teenagers in it, relive some memories of your school days or else, just enjoy the story. Here are 15 School Kdramas to add to your watchlist!

SF9 ROWOON (Extraordinary You)

Extraordinary You, the famous fantasy drama by MBC, starring SF9’s Rowoon alongside Kim Hye Yoon is a story where some high school students realize that they are just side characters in a comic world and are willing to change their fates.

BTOB SUNGJAE (Who Are You: School 2015)

In this version of the whole School series, Go Eun Byul, the most popular girl at a prestigious school in Seoul, suddenly disappears during her high school trip and when she returns, she has lost all memories. It stars Kim So Hyun, Yook Sungjae & Nam Joo Hyuk.

KRYSTAL (The Heirs)

This drama tells the story of the friendships, rivalries and love lives of Rich Heirs at an elite high school starring Lee Minho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woobin, Krystal and more.


Starring Gugudan’s Sejeong, Jang Dong Yoon & Kim Jung Hyun, the drama follows the story of high school students dealing with several difficulties and pressures of being ranked over marks while revolting against the school’s corrupt education system.


Hi! School- Love On, starring Infinite’s Woohyun & Sungyeol alongside Kim Saeron, is a teen fantasy drama where an angel accidentally becomes a human while trying to save the life of a student.


Dream High mainly follows the lives of six students at Kirin High School working towards their dream of becoming K-Pop Idols, starring Kim Soo Hyun, Suzy, IU, 2PM’s Taecyeon and more!

APINK EUNJI (Reply 1997)

The first instalment of the Reply Series, starring Seo In Guk, Apink’s Eunji, Hoya among others is centered around the lives of six high school friends, now 33 years old, reliving their old memories as their reunion nears.


The popular web drama A-Teen starring April's Naeun, follows the lives of six students in high school and how they deal with various aspects of being a teenager including studies, life choices, friendship, love and more. Golden Child’s Bomin appears in the sequel of this drama, A-Teen 2.

SHINEE MINHO (To The Beautiful You)

Based on the Japanese manga series, Hana Kimi, Shinee’s Minho plays the role of a track and field athlete alongside Sulli, who disguises herself as a boy to go to an all boys high school for meeting Kang Tae Joon (Minho).

VIXX HONGBIN (Moorim School)

This drama tells the story of a special school with students from all over the place, but the school puts more importance over values and virtues like honesty, faith, sacrifice over academics.

ONG SEONGWU (At Eighteen)

Also known as Moments At Eighteen, it revolves around three students, all with different personalities whose lives begin to change after they meet each other. It stars Seongwu, Kim Hyanggi, Shin Seungho and you can also see Astro’s Moonbin in a supporting role.


Ma Boy revolves around Jang Geurim (Kim So Hyun), who enters an elite arts school to become a singer and is roommates with Irene, a popular CF star, who is actually a boy in disguise.

BTOB MINHYUK (Nightmare Teacher)

Starring Btob’s Minhyuk alongside Kim So Hyun, Nightmare Teacher is a drama where the temporarily appointed homeroom teacher of a class fulfills the desires of the students with certain conditions due to which the Class President takes it upon herself to solve the mystery before its too late.


Sassy Go Go tells the story of the students at a prestigious high school where the top students are forced to join hands with the underachievers to form a cheerleading group for the sake of their dance club.

ASTRO EUNWOO (Sweet Revenge)

In Sweet Revenge, a high school girl comes across an app which gives her the ability to punish the bullies whenever she writes their names on it. Another version of this drama with the name of Sweet Revenge 2 released in 2018 stars Kim Samuel.

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