12 Times Kpop Idols Surprised Fans

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How would you react upon meeting your favourite artists while at a café, convenience store or maybe your own home? Here are some of the memorable moments when Kpop Idols surprised their fans!


Featured as an episode of the reality show, Blackpink House, a lucky fan got to meet the girls while they posed as workers in a café, after which she also received presents like handmade cake, letters, autographs and more from Blackpink!


In this episode by ‘Dingo Kdrama’ on Youtube, IU surprised one of her fans having a hard time, talked to her about the different struggles in life, asked her to review an unreleased song, gifted her with presents and also sang a duet!


Some Ahgases were surprised by the sudden entrance of the GOT7 members when they thought they were just taking a simple quiz by Buzzfeed. They were also gifted with tickets to that night’s concert!


As part of The Ellen Show, BTS surprised some lucky Armies on the Friends set while they were made to do a fake scene.


The members of Exo appeared on the famous Korean TV show called Infinite Challenge surprising some girls with an on the spot performance of ‘Growl’ as a show of support to them.


Some Twice fans were surprised by the girls in Japan, while they were doing a fake interview about how much they loved Twice!


Six lucky Atinys got the opportunity to meet the members of ATEEZ while they were reacting to their videos for the FBE Channel on Youtube.


As part of Dingo’s 'Well Done Today' series, a lucky fan was able to meet Weki Meki’s Yoojung upon a special request from the fan’s mother who was battling with cancer. The girl talked her heart out with Yoojung and they also went for shopping and Karaoke together.


The members of Monsta X dressed up, either as workers or customers of a convenient store throughout the day in this video below with a variety of reactions.


On a special episode of Dingo, Red Velvet posed as staff at Etude House, a cosmetics outlet where they surprised a lucky fan and also put on makeup for her!


On an episode of Dingo, Chungha visited a fan early in the morning, made her a meal, talked to her about different things and also gave her a special dancing lesson!


Astro’s Eunwoo surprised a lucky student in this video for Dingo where they also went on a date, visiting the museum, enjoying a drive, having dinner together and more! At the end, Eunwoo presented her with gifts and cheered for her upcoming entrance exam!

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