12 Kpop Artists Who Are Youtubers As Well

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Craving for more content from your favourite artists? Want an insight into the daily lives of Kpop Idols? If yes, then what better way, than to watch their vlogs on Youtube! Here is a compilation of 12 Kpop Artists having their own Youtube channels!


Girl’s Day Hyeri is a well known Youtuber having a variety of content on her channel with several interesting vlogs.

IU (Ii Jigeum IU Official)

You can get an insight into IU’s daily life through her vlogs on this Youtube channel. She also posts the behind the scenes of her videos or dramas and special version of her songs from time to time.


Exo’s Chen, Baekhyun and Chanyeol, all have their own Youtube channels. While Chen posts his covers, Baekhyun posts his vlogs, gaming or eating videos. Chanyeol usually posts his solo activities with NNG Studio.

AKMU SUHYUN (Leesuhyun)

Akmu’s Suhyun is pretty active on her Youtube channel with content ranging from song covers, reaction videos, makeup or beauty tips and daily vlogs!


Mamamoo’s Solar has lots of content on her channel ranging from song covers to daily vlogs!

JESSICA (Jessica Land)

You will be able to find several videos including the Jung Sisters’ adventures, Makeup, Travel, Shopping and other vlogs on Jessica Land.

APINK BOMI (Bbom Bbom Bbom)

Apink’s Bomi is really famous for her Mukbangs on Youtube. But besides this, she has lots of quality content on her channel like travel, beauty, behind the scenes, reviews and daily life vlogs!

DAY6 JAE (eaJ)

Day6’s Jae mainly posts solo songs on his channel these days besides other content like vlogs and special Q&As.

BLACKPINK LISA (Lilifilm Official)

Blackpink’s Lisa performs her special dance performances or travel and concert vlogs on her Youtube channel from time to time.


Although Taeyeon does not post much on her youtube channel these days, you can check out her earlier Taengoo vlogs if you haven’t already!

INFINITE L (Myung Myung Tube)

Even though there aren’t that many videos on L's channel right now, you can check out all the existing vlogs if you haven’t yet!

NCT (NCT Daily/NCT Music)

Although, the members of NCT do not have their own Youtube channels separately, they still post vlogs, covers and other content on NCT Daily and NCT Music. Make sure to check it out!

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