10 Kpop Songs Dedicated To Fans

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All K-Pop artists are able to continue doing what they love, with the support of their fans. This is why, K-Pop idols make sure to thank them through special songs from time to time. Here are 10 such songs for the fans!


If you mention this song to any Exo-L, they will instantly start crying. This song was specially dedicated to fans for expressing their gratitude towards those who stayed, even after all the hardships and to say that Exo will love and protect them forever. Exo’s Lucky is also for the fans!

BTS' 2!3!

Although BTS has dedicated many songs to their fans, BTS 2!3! has become an ‘Army Anthem’ over the years through which the boys talk about their hardships and express how grateful they are to perform in front of their fans, telling them to focus only on the good things in life.


Through this song, Twice ensures that their fans know, they are ‘One In A Million’ and to count on the girls for being there for them, both through happy and sad times.


Shinee’s ‘An Ode To You’ was released as a special gift for fans who loved them throughout the years and that they wish to bring comfort and happiness to their fans during hard times.

APINK's Moment

Apink has thanked their fans through various songs from time to time and their latest fan song called ‘Moment’ written as a letter to all Pandas (Apink Fans) expressed how grateful they were for being loved and supported for 9 years since debut and wish to do the same for their fans forever.


Seventeen has many songs dedicated to their fans and this song, as the name suggests, is a way of thanking fans for always being by their side and that the word ‘Thanks’ maybe too common, but they wish to express their sincere gratitude towards them.


The Uaena song was written from the point of view of IU’s fans (Uaena) which signifies their love and how they’ll stay with her through thick and thin.

MAMAMOO's (I Love You Too) TEARS

Mamamoo express their love and gratitude towards their fans through this song with their powerful vocals and promise to stay by their forever.


Infinite’s Together, composed by Woohyun was originally a track for their documentary ‘Grow’ where they talk about their struggles and how grateful they are for the love and support from fans worldwide.


You & Me by Astro was released as part of their winter album through which they express how they rely on their fans when things are hard and wish to be together with them forever.


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